Organizational structure

Our Mission

Each part of our associates organization is handled by a team of professionals. Every professional has years of experience in their respective fields of expertise. This makes it possible for us to broadly classify our debt collection operations into a number of specialized fields or divisions. All the divisions mentioned below are strengthen further by the help of internal support staff. Our quality control department ensures that quality standards are maintained across all divisions of the business, and through every aspect of the debt collection lifecycle. This ensures that the results we aim for are achieved in a timely and efficient manner.These divisions include:

We are Different!

Our Associates tailor our methods, team and even approach to collecting debt based on your needs. We offer our clients free consultation along with transparent reporting. Making us the perfect choice whether you are an individual or a business that needs to collect money from another business or individual. Our Associates have a history of making things happen!

Audit Department

Our audit department ensures that every aspect of debt collection is in compliance with Qatar's monetary procedures and policies as well as those requested by clients. This happens to be one of the biggest reasons why we continue to be the best link between debt collection agencies and people who want to recover their money.For lawyers in Qatar visit

The Policy Department

The Policy Department is one of the most important departments and is responsible for creating and updating current collection and operating policies. We understand that a business without good policies soon becomes irrelevant which is why we have made sure that every aspect is addressed by a solid policy in place. Plus, having good policies in place ensures that we not only meet local policy requirements but also international policies and best practices.

Customer Service

A big part of our success has and continues to be our professional and hard working customer service people. Our customer service is one of the leading reasons why our clients find it easier to communicate with us and for us to communicate with them and the agencies helping them. It is also the reason why we have been able to establish some of the most successful and long lasting relationships in this industry.


Debt collection is a very difficult job but if done right it is possible to collect on debts that creditors have written off. However, our free consultation is meant to ensure that we understand your needs and then draft the right way to collect your debts and assign the right agency. Our consultation experts have years of experience and are always glad to meet with potential clients to discuss their issues. So, they are the first people you call when you need our help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Good Debt
Why use your service?

Qatar's leading consultants and specialize in connecting people with the best debt collection agency! We have helped dozens of clients recover...READ

Why would debtors pay an agency?

They will pay professionals even if they refused to have cooperated with you in the past, because professionals...READ

Collection Service
How does your collection service work?

We do not offer a collection service but rather a connection service. We connect you to the best agency based on the...READ

Debt Type
What types of debts do you deal in?

We will can help with any type of debt whether it is a personal loan, a business loan, a physical asset or interest on a loan...READ