How We Works?

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How it works?

We represent some of the most professional and easiest debt collection businesses in Qatar or debt collection Dubai. As a matter of fact, working with us has been made increasingly simple and straight forward owing to the clear policies and guidelines laid out below. Regardless, of if you are a business owner or an individual, below is how everything will work.

The Middle East's top debt collection service

We are proud of often being referred to as the best. Many of our clients have lost hope before they contact us and it makes us glad to think that we make getting their finances or personal belongings back possible. As a matter of fact our 98% success rate is the reason why we are contacted by dozens of businesses and individuals each day!

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This is the very first meeting that we need to have. We setup a meeting with our professional consultants, who will discuss the nature of the loan and the problems that you've facing with recovery. We will also discuss the amount as well as all the possibilities you may have previously exhausted. We then discuss a possible route to recovering your debt. Once, Our Associates finalize everything and you sign the agreement with us, we will then move on to step no. 2.

Step 2: Debt Recovery

This step usually involves us starting with a phone call to the debtor. The assigned agency will have a chat with him (the debtor) to find out what the problem was and start pursuing him for the amount. This is then escalated to further pressure in the form of a personal appearance. Usually, even the most hardcore debtors will pay by this time. During the time we continue updating you on the latest developments as well as discussing the situation with you. We will also discuss possible contingency depending on what action is taken by the debtor like filing for bankruptcy or fleeing the country.For debt collection agency in Dubai visit

Step 3: Legal Avenues

If the above step fails, we can then consider pursuing the debtor via a lawsuit. We have some of the best lawyers working for us and can file for a case. However, this will only be done after a discussion with you. This is usually the best way to get your money back especially if the debtor continues to ignore all our efforts to contact him or her.

Step 4: The Final Step

At this point, if the debt is recovered we will give you the money minus our payment. This can be arranged via a check or bank transfer. For bad debt recovery visit Qatardebtrecoverydotcom