How It Works?

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This is the very first meeting that we need to have. We setup a meeting with our professional consultants, who will discuss the nature of the loan and the problems that you've facing... READ

Step 2: Debt Recovery

This step usually involves us starting with a phone call to the debtor. The assigned agency will have a chat with him (the debtor) to find out what...For debt collection agency in Dubai visit DubaidebtrecoverydotcomREAD

Step 3: Legal Avenues

If the above step fails, we can then consider pursuing the debtor via a lawsuit. We have some of the best lawyers working for us and can file for a case...READ

Bad Debt
Step 4: The Final Step

At this point if the debt is recovered we will give you the money minus our payment. This can be arranged via a check or bank transfer...READ

We are Different!

Our Associates tailor our methods, team and even approach to collecting debt based on your needs. We offer our clients free consultation along with transparent reporting. Making us the perfect choice whether you are an individual or a business that needs to collect money from another business or individual. Our Associates have a history of making things happen!

What can a professional debt collection service do for me?

A debt collection service or agency is a business that works on behalf of a creditor to collect on a debt which has passed its payment date. This service is designed to help creditors who are not able to collect on their own. Debt collection agencies happen to be an excellent service, helping creditors save time and money often collecting on written off or bad debts.

Why use your service?

Qatar's leading consultants and specialize in connecting people with the best debt collection agency! We have helped dozens of clients recover payments which have been long overdue. Hiring us has many other advantages like less accounts receivables as well as overheads. Plus, you can be assured of better cash flow. In addition, you no longer have to bother with the hassle of dealing with a debtor or locating the right agency whether they be a business acquaintance or a partner.

Why would debtors pay an agency if they are not paying me?

They will pay professionals even if they refused to have cooperated with you in the past, because professionals increase the psychology pressure on them to do so. Our collectors will make your debtor realize that they are in serious trouble if they do not pay as well as the moral implications of holding back your payments.

How does your collection service work?

We do not offer a collection service but rather a connection service. We connect you to the best agency based on the type of debt you what to recover. They (the agency) will then start by contacting the debtor directly over the phone, send them collection letters or pay them a visit. The effort is made to settle the problem without having to initiate any legal action. However, if these efforts fail we then move on to legal proceedings with your prior approval. At the end of the day, the agency will be fully equipped to recover your money in the shortest period of time and less expensively than if you did it yourself.For debt collection agency in Dubai visit Dubaidebtrecoverydotcom

What types of debts do you deal in?

We will can help with any type of debt whether it is a personal loan, a business loan, a physical asset or interest on a loan.

Who will decide if it's time to proceed with litigation?

We will with your consent. If we are unable to deal with the debtor or persuade him to pay back, we will then have to consider legal channels to get the money back. However, if you think that it's not worth it for whatever reason we will no longer help, in which case you can write it off as a bad debt or use your own lawyers.