Experienced collection professionals

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized globally as a debt collection agency with skills and the right connections that help our clients recover everything from personal assets to money. We understand that the debt collection industry in the Middle East is very different from the rest of the world which is why we rely on a unique set of skills and connections to provide our clients with an unsurpassed service.

No job Too Difficult!

As one of the veterans in the debt collection industry we have handled everything from b2b recovery to b2c recovery. As a matter of fact we have worked for multinational businesses as well as individuals that needed help with recovering finances. This is why we proudly state that there is no recovery task that we cannot undertake. That said we never turn away smaller clients, or individuals who may need our help. Which is why we encourage you, regardless of who you are to contact us.

The Middle East's top debt collection service

We are proud of often being referred to as the best. Many of our clients have lost hope before they contact us and it makes us glad to think that we make getting their finances or personal belongings back possible. As a matter of fact our 98% success rate is the reason why we are contacted by dozens of businesses and individuals each day!

Our Professionals


In the beginning we started off with just a couple of highly experienced professionals. Many of our clients trusted us owing to personal relationships we built over the years. Today, our professional network expands to include over a dozen people and we are still growing.
Every professional adheres to a strict code of conduct and professionalism, both when it comes to dealing with clients or debtors. We are ethical and will never take actions which end up tarnishing your image in any way. It is this approach which has earned us an iron clad reputation in the industry.